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A-One Exhibits

A-One Exhibits provides design, fabrication, show services, exhibit storage and transportation for a variety of tradeshows, events and industries in Las Vegas and other major convention cities. A-One trusted LiFTcs to create and implement an entirely new branding campaign and identity resulting in immediate results for increased sales and improved company morale. Read below for the entire case study.




A-One Exhibits
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By the numbers, A-One was an impressive company, with over thirty successful years in business and 80% repeat business from its happy customers. It had a reputation for superior service, allowing its customers to “show up and sell”.

However, its own sales were stagnant and staff morale was suffering due to a lack of new challenges. The company had outgrown its logo, website, and brand image and was in need of a refreshing marketing makeover.

Approach and Solutions: 

LiFT cs completed a market analysis and worked closely with the owners and senior management to learn about A-One’s strengths, weaknesses and goals.

During this process, the team discovered that the company suffered from “quiet giant” syndrome, in which it did great work as a leader in its market and had phenomenal customer loyalty, but failed to advertise itself effectively. The analysis phase culminated in the creation of A-One’s first-ever brand charter.

Next, building on A-One’s strong brand equity, LiFT cs refreshed its logo so that it would symbolize its modernity, service, and professionalism. LiFT implemented the new corporate look in a cohesive stationary packaging of business cards, letterhead, envelopes and notecards.

To help A-One attract new customers, LiFT designed and wrote a new capabilities brochure. For maximum usability, LiFT executed this sales tool in both digital and print formats.

Building on content in the capabilities brochure, LiFT then created a completely new website for A-One, which showcased the new modern look and feel of the brand and articulated its many services in a simple, easy-to-access format.

Finally, LiFT re-launched A-One through targeted marketing strategy that included revamped sales tools and a new social media campaign.



By listening carefully and “holding up a mirror” to A-One Exhibits, the team at LiFT creative studios helped it discover its true identity and brand charter.

This provided a clear path to forging A-One’s new image, which included a new logo, website, and marketing strategy. LiFT helped A-One Exhibits present a professional new image, garnering positive feedback from the owners, management, employees, vendors and customers.

The new branding boosted morale and the team became much more productive. The new sales tools resulted in the acquisition of new customers, resulting in strong growth. Returning clients referred A-One Exhibits as the premier provider of turnkey solutions to exhibit needs.


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Brochure
  • Printing
  • New Logo
  • Website
  • Brand Charter
  • Stationary


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