TimberTech® is a leading manufacturer and leader in the research, development and marketing of long lasting, low-maintenance high quality capped composite and wood-plastic composite decking, railing and fastening solutions. The West Coast sales manager contacted LiFTcs for help with sales tools to help stores and reps make their buying decisions much easier. LiFTcs created unique, brand specific sales boards for the reps to use along with customer friendly in-store signage and tear sheets installed in a variety of stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.




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Case Study



TimberTech has a decentralized sales structure, and each regional division handles its own sales promotion and support. The West Coast sales team hired LiFT creative studios for two initiatives: to create sample kits for its sales representatives, and to create cost-effective point-of-sale displays for its large home improvement retailers.


Approach and Solutions:

LiFTcs listened to input from key contacts at TimberTech and developed unique sample boards for its sales representatives to bring to builder presentations. The boards were durable and easily transported and they incorporated product specifications and samples in a clean and simple format. The LiFT team handled all design, printing and production.

For the point-of-sale project, LiFT clarified the client’s main objectives and mandatories, studied customers at a local home improvement store, and conducted on-site interviews to ask about what influenced their buying decisions.  Then, the team designed a merchandising and customer education display with impactful graphic design, product samples and information, tear sheets for taking notes, and instructions for measuring and calculating materials needed.




LiFT creative studios exceeded the client’s expectations for both projects, earning the agency continued work with TimberTech. The client was pleased that LiFT utilized the budget wisely, delivered on time, and solved its challenges.

Feedback on the sample boards was overwhelmingly positive. Initially just a pilot program, they proved to be so effective that the client ordered one for every sales representative in its division.

LiFT’s point-of-sales displays also drove TimberTech’s success. Customers who previously felt baffled at the options and measuring challenges found the new displays informative and helpful. The cost-effective design of the POS was durable and easy to install. Ultimately, TimberTech’s retail sales increased as a result of the upgraded merchandising.




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