Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes is a renowned Belgian bicycle company that produces premium road racing, cyclocross, triathlon, and track bicycles, which are sold in thirty-four countries.



Ridley Bikes
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Case Study



As its dealer base grew and the North American demand for Ridley Bikes increased, the Belgian-based company and its in-house creative team needed a communications and PR partner in the United States. Ridley’s key objectives in hiring LiFT creative studios were to support its North American growth, increase recognition of the Ridley brand, and create relationships with the bike industry’s print and digital media.


Approach and Solutions:

The LiFTcs team conducted a brand audit to identify Ridley’s strengths and weaknesses in North America, and determined how to work optimally with the priorities and assets of the company’s Belgian headquarters.


The creative development of print and web ads was not required; however, LiFT’s media buying expertise played a key role in determining not only the best allocation of its North American advertising budget, but also in maximizing the available dollars. LiFT guided Ridley’s buying decisions and ensured that the client stayed under budget.


LiFT additionally attended Winter Press Camp 2015 as Ridley’s agency partner  and helped forge relationships with key bike industry media representatives. After the event, LiFT followed up with writers and editors to ensure they had the information they needed, and coordinated the shipping and return of thousands of dollars’ worth of demo bikes.



Working seamlessly with Ridley’s Belgian headquarters, LiFTcs coordinated the company’s North American ad buy for 2015 and maximized the company’s available advertising dollars.
LiFT creative studios delivered ads on deadline and in the correct formats, saving the company money and ensuring optimal outcomes. In less than eight weeks following Press Camp, LiFT secured over 2.5 million print and web impressions from resulting articles and blog posts about Ridley Bikes.


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