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The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc.

The mission of Southern California’s Michael P. Nosco Foundation is to provide financial relief to families and/or individuals who are confronting a life threatening illness. It was founded by Jack Nosco, in memory of his younger brother.

The Foundation generates the majority of its revenue through a one-day cycling event, the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride, which is always held on November 3rd, the date on which its namesake died. Cycling luminaries such as Lance Armstrong have donated and ridden in the event, which is a hilly and challenging 80-mile course in the greater Los Angeles area.

LiFT creative studios is proud to work with the Foundation on a pro bono basis to promote the ride and increase its scope and revenue. In 2014, the fifth year of the ride, the team at LiFT designed a new logo for the event and produced event materials including promotional clothing, signs and support material.




The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc.
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