Pioneer Cycle Sports

Pioneer Cycle Sport is a division of global consumer electronics giant Pioneer Electronics, producing industry leading cycling power meter systems and computers. Though a leader in consumer electronics, Pioneer faced new challenges when entering the cycling industry. To help tune their message and visuals with greater authenticity and credibility, Pioneer reached out to LiFT cs.



Pioneer Cycle Sports
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Pioneer Cycle Sport, though a division of a global powerhouse, operates with fewer resources as a new division within the parent company. Coming from a strong position within the electronics industry, with engineering expertise that their cycling competitors cannot match, Pioneer struggled to position itself within the cycling industry. Product and passion were not enough on their own, which lead Pioneer to enlist the services of Lift cs to help them launch new product, as well as refresh their image and message ahead of the season’s major tradeshow. Limited time, and limited resources increased the need for creative thinking.


Approach and Solutions

LiFT cs took the time to research the power meter category, identifying Pioneer’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their competitors. Based on that analysis, LiFT worked closely with the team at Pioneer to create a series of new logos, nailed down product naming conventions, and refreshed the Pioneer tradeshow booth and signage. Respecting the global brand guidelines, LiFT was able to establish a look and feel for Pioneer Cycle Sport that was unique to the division, yet still dovetailed into the overall global family of the brand.

As a result of the process, LiFT was a crucial partner in launching a critical new product for Pioneer Cycle Sport at North America’s largest cycling tradeshow- Interbike; on time and under budget. LiFT created new booth signage, product display information, and new overhead banner to give the brand and product greater visibility. Pioneer’s story was told and presented better than previous efforts, resulting in many compliments from within Pioneer, their salesforce, and their retail partners.

LiFT’s team produced photography, graphic design, and copy that gave Pioneer the “lift” they needed to grow their credibility within the cycling industry. Pioneer’s first phase of the new product launch was deemed a success and opened the door for LiFT to move to the second phase, creating ads, and taking an active role in Media/ PR efforts.



Stemming from the initial partnership between Pioneer Cycle Sport and LiFT cs, the initial introduction of their new power meter was widely deemed a success. Due to that success, LiFT gained further trust from Pioneer to begin more projects for the brand. LiFT’s vast experience and expertise- not to mention respect- within the cycling industry proved to be a very valuable asset to Pioneer. The increased partnership is ongoing and has moved beyond the initial creative efforts to include PR, development of in-store displays, ad campaigns, and targeted communications.

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